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stats.class_bonus Class-Bonus
stats.distribute_tasks_help Assigns points based on the Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, and Perception categories associated with the tasks you complete.
stats.character_build_text Each level earns you one point to assign to an attribute of your choice. You can do so manually, or let the game decide for you using one of the Automatic Allocation options.
stats.intelligence_text Increases EXP earned from completing tasks. Also increases your mana cap and how fast mana regenerates over time.
stats.constitution_text Decreases the amount of damage taken from your tasks. Does not decrease the damage received from bosses.
stats.perception_text Increases the likelihood of finding drops when completing Tasks, the daily drop-cap, Streak Bonuses, and the amount of gold awarded for Tasks.
total_completions Total Completions
tags Tags
tasks.form.tags Tags
tasks.form.accessibility.negative_enabled Negative habit action enabled.
tasks.form.accessibility.enable_positive Enable positive action.
tasks.form.accessibility.enable_negative Enable negative action.
tasks.form.accessibility.disable_negative Disable negative action.
tasks.form.accessibility.set_attribute Change attribute to %@
tasks.examples.work_todo_notes Tap to specify the name of your current project + set a due date!
tasks.examples.exercise_daily_notes Tap to choose your schedule and specify exercises!
tasks.examples.exercise_todo_text Set up workout schedule
tasks.examples.school_todo_notes Tap to specify your most important task
tasks.examples.team_daily_notes Tap to specify your most important task
tasks.examples.team_todo_notes Tap to specify your most important task