Key English Portuguese
stats.perception_text Increases the likelihood of finding drops when completing Tasks, the daily drop-cap, Streak Bonuses, and the amount of gold awarded for Tasks.
total_completions Total Completions
tasks.form.scheduling Scheduling
tasks.form.accessibility.negative_enabled Negative habit action enabled.
tasks.form.accessibility.enable_positive Enable positive action.
tasks.form.accessibility.enable_negative Enable negative action.
tasks.form.accessibility.disable_negative Disable negative action.
tasks.form.accessibility.set_attribute Change attribute to %@
tasks.examples.exercise_daily_notes Tap to choose your schedule and specify exercises!
tasks.examples.exercise_todo_text Set up workout schedule
daily Daily
resync Resync
resync_all Resync all
resync_task Resync this task
menu.subscription Subscription
skills.transformation_items Transformation Items
skills.caused_damage You caused damage to the boss
my_guilds My Guilds
my_challenges My Challenges
last_activity Last Activity %@