Key English Portuguese
settings.user User
settings.fix_characterValues Fix Character Values
settings.notification_badge Notification Badge
settings.display_notification_badge Display Notification Badge
settings.day_start Day Start
settings.custom_day_start Custom Day Start Social
settings.disable_all_notifications Disable all Push Notifications
settings.disable_all_emails Disable all Emails
settings.disable_pm Disable Private Messages
settings.maintenance Maintenance
settings.clear_cache Clear Cache
settings.reload_content Reload Content
settings.preferences Preferences
settings.theme_color Theme Color
settings.theme_mode Theme Mode
settings.sound_theme Sound Theme
settings.wrong_password Incorrect Password
settings.are_you_sure Are you sure?
settings.change_class_disclaimer This will reset your character's class and allocated points (you'll get them all back to re-allocate), and costs 3 gems.