Key English Portuguese
titles.skills Skills Habilidades
titles.pets Pets Crias
titles.choose_user Choose User Escolher Utilizador
titles.feed_pet Feed Pet Alimentar cria
titles.guidelines Guidelines Diretriz
titles.hall_of_contributors Hall of Contributors Parede de Contribuidores
stats.no_points_to_allocate 0 Points to Allocate 0 Pontos para Distribuir
stats.level Level Nível
stats.distribute_evenly Distribute evenly Distribuir igualmente
stats.distribute_evenly_help Assigns the same number of points to each attribute. Designar o mesmo número de pontos a cada atributo.
stats.distribute_class Distribute based on class Distribuir com base nas classes
stats.strength_text Increases the bonus of critical hits and makes them more likely when scoring a task. Also increases damage dealt to bosses.
resetStreak Reset Streak Reiniciar Contagem
tasks.form.scheduling Scheduling