Key English Croatian
reset_tips Reset Tutorials Resetiraj Justinove savjete
titles.pets_and_mounts Pets & Mounts
titles.messages Messages
titles.notifications Notifications
titles.achievements Achievements
titles.hall_of_heroes Hall of Heroes
titles.hall_of_contributors Hall of Contributors
titles.hall_of_patrons Hall of Patrons
titles.basics Basics
stats.intelligence_title Intelligence
stats.intelligence_text Increases EXP earned from completing tasks. Also increases your mana cap and how fast mana regenerates over time.
stats.constitution_title Constitution
stats.constitution_text Decreases the amount of damage taken from your tasks. Does not decrease the damage received from bosses.
stats.perception_title Perception
stats.perception_text Increases the likelihood of finding drops when completing Tasks, the daily drop-cap, Streak Bonuses, and the amount of gold awarded for Tasks.
streak Streak
total_completions Total Completions
created_at Created At
tasks.todo To Do Zadatak
tasks.habits Habits