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Habitica / MaintenanceChinese (Traditional)

Committed changes 7 months ago
We’re glad you asked! It was spearheaded by our amazing contributor paglias, with lots of help from Blade, TheHollidayInn, SabreCat, Victor Pudeyev, TheUnknown, and Alys.
很高興你問了這樣的問題!它是由我們厲害的貢獻者 paglias 帶領,且從 Blade、TheHollidayInn、SabreCat、Victor Pudeyev、TheUnknown、Alys 得到了許多幫助。
7 months ago
Committed changes 7 months ago
You will NOT take any damage or lose any streaks that weekend, but otherwise, your day will reset normally! Dailies that you checked will become unchecked, buffs will reset, etc. If you are in a Collection Quest, you will still find items. If you are in a Boss Battle, you will still deal damage to the Boss, but the Boss will not deal damage to you. (Even monsters need a break!)
7 months ago

Committed changes

Habitica / MaintenanceChinese (Traditional)

Committed changes 7 months ago
Don't worry, Habitica will be back soon!
別擔心。Habitica 一會兒就回來!
7 months ago
Committed changes 8 months ago
At first, there won’t be any notable changes aside from performance improvements for features such as Challenges. If you notice any changes that shouldn’t be there, email us at <%= hrefTechAssistanceEmail %> and we will investigate them for you!
起初,除了在某些運作上的改善 (如挑戰) 之外,您並不會發現巨大的改變。如果您發現有出乎意料的改動,請發電郵到 <%= hrefTechAssistanceEmail %> 通知我們,讓我們為您進一步調查!
8 months ago
We have to migrate tasks and data for all 1.3 million Habitica users -- not an easy task! We anticipate that it will take place between approximately 1pm Pacific Time (8pm UTC) and 10pm Pacific Time (5am UTC). Rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to make it go as quickly as possible! You can follow <a href='' target='_blank'>updates on our Twitter</a>.
我們必須遷移所有 130 萬Habitica用戶的任務及資料—而這並不容易!我們預期會在約臺灣時區凌晨四點 (8pm UTC) 到下午一點 (5am UTC) 進行作業。請放心,我們會竭盡所能地盡快完成作業!你可以關注我們在 <a href='' target='_blank'>Twitter 上的更新進度</a>。
8 months ago
On May 21, Habitica will be down for maintenance for most of the day. You will not take any damage or have your account harmed during that weekend, even if you can’t log in to check off your Dailies in time! We will be working very hard to make the downtime as short as possible, and will be posting regular updates on <a href='' target='_blank'>our Twitter account</a>. At the end of the downtime, to thank everyone for their patience, you will all receive a rare pet!
5月21日Habitica將維護最長一天的時間。在那個周末,即使你無法及時登入勾選你的每日任務,你也不會受到傷害或是讓帳號受損!我們會非常努力地使維護時間降到最短,並且更新維護進度在我們的 <a href='' target='_blank'>Twitter</a> 上。在維護結束後,為了感謝大家的耐心,你們將會每個人收到一隻罕見的寵物!
8 months ago
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