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Habitica / MaintenanceBasque

Committed changes 5 months ago
Ahat kind of rare pet will I receive?
5 months ago
The new version was also tirelessly tested by a bunch of our amazing open-source volunteers. Thank you -- we couldn't have done this without you.
5 months ago
We’re glad you asked! It was spearheaded by our amazing contributor paglias, with lots of help from Blade, TheHollidayInn, SabreCat, Victor Pudeyev, TheUnknown, and Alys.
5 months ago
Who worked on this massive project?
5 months ago
To thank you for your patience during the downtime, everyone will get a rare Veteran Pet. If you’ve never received a Veteran Pet before, you will receive a Veteran Wolf. If you already have a Veteran Wolf, you will receive a Veteran Tiger. And if you already have a Veteran Wolf and a Veteran Tiger, you will receive a never-before-seen Veteran pet! After the migration is completed, it may take several hours for your pet to show up, but never fear, everyone will get one.
5 months ago
WAhat kind of rare pet will I receive?
5 months ago
If you know that you will need to see your task list on Saturday to remind yourself what you have to do, we recommend that before the maintenance begins, you take a screenshot of your tasks so that you can use it as a reference.
5 months ago
What if I need to see my task list?
5 months ago
After a lot of thought, our team concluded that this was the most fair way to handle the fact that many users will not be able to check off their Dailies normally during the maintenance. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes!
5 months ago
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