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Repository containing Weblate translations
Monolingual base language filewebsite/common/locales/en/loadingScreenTips.json
Translation file website/common/locales/en@lolcat/loadingscreentips.json
Committed changes 5 months ago
Habits that arez wich r just positive or just negative gradually “fade” and return to2 yellow.
5 months ago
Users who arerz hoo r part of av Group Plan gain the ability toet teh abiltie 2 assign tasks toz 2 other users in thrz n dat Group for e4 xtra task manageigment and accountabilitytie.
5 months ago
Occasiohunally re-evaluate yoet ur tasks toz 2 makek sure they’re up-to2-datet!
5 months ago
Check outk The Bulletin Board Guild for4 news az bout Guildsz, Challengesz, and other player-created eventsz - and announce yos ur own there!
5 months ago
Check out theteh pre-made lists iz n theh Library of Tasks and Challenges Guild for4 example tasksz.
5 months ago
Did a Daily yesteurdayi, but forgot toeted 2 check it off? Don't worry! Withf Record Yesteurday's Activity, you'll have a chance toiz Actiftie, u can haz chans 2 record what you did before4 starting yo ur new dayi.
5 months ago
Boost your Constitution Stat to lessen the2 maek damaege froum incompletet Dailiesyz smalr.
5 months ago
Boost your Strength Stat to2 do moare boss damaege or get ckriticaul hitsz.
5 months ago
Boost your Peurceptioshun Stat to2 get moare drops and gold.
5 months ago
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