Source Context Failing checks
Productive Work (Click the pencil to edit)
Sample Good Habits: + Eat a vegetable + 15 minutes productive work
Eat Junk Food (Click the pencil to edit)
Sample Bad Habits: - Smoke - Procrastinate
Take the Stairs/Elevator (Click the pencil to edit)
Sample Good or Bad Habits: +/- Took Stairs/Elevator ; +/- Drank Water/Soda
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15 minute break
Custom rewards can come in many forms. Some people will hold off watching their favorite show unless they have the gold to pay for it.
Reward yourself
Watch TV, play a game, eat a treat, it's up to you!
Health + Wellness
Process email
Most important task >> Worked on today’s most important task
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Work project >> Complete work project
Tap to specify the name of your current project + set a due date!
10 min cardio >> + 10 minutes cardio
Stretching >> Daily workout routine
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Set up workout schedule
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Eat Health/Junk Food
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Schedule check-up >> Brainstorm a healthy change
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Finish homework
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Finish assignment for class
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Take a short break
5 minutes of quiet breathing
Tap to choose your schedule!
Engage in a fun activity