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If someone can 'win' your challenge, you can optionally award that winner a Gem prize. The maximum number you can award is the number of gems you own (plus the number of guild gems, if you created this challenge's guild). Note: This prize can't be changed later.
So sumwun cna 'win' ur chalenge. Srsly.! Den u can optionalleh awrd winnor an Gem priez. Maximum numbr u can award r teh numbr for gemz u haz (pluz teh numbr for guild gemz if u creetd thiz chalengez guild). Noat: Dis priez can no be changet laetr!.
11 months ago
Challenges are community events in which players compete and earn prizes by completing a group of related tasks.
Chalengez iz communitie eventz in wich playerz compeet an eern praizez by completin group ofv relatd taskz!.
11 months ago
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11 months ago
Write a short description advertising your Challenge to other Habiticans. What is the main purpose of your Challenge and why should people join it? Try to include useful keywords in the description so that Habiticans can easily find it when they search!
WrRite short deescripshun advertisin ur challenge to othr habiticanz. Wat r teh main purpos for4 ur challenge an y peepl join it? Try to2 enclude usefool keywordz in teh deescripshun so that habiticanz can eesileh fin it win they seerch! K?
11 months ago
11 months ago
We couldn't find any matching Challenges.
We couldn't find anyne matching C challengesz.
11 months ago
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