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  • The translation uses monolingual files.
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Repository containing Weblate translations
Monolingual base language filewebsite/common/locales/en/challenge.json
Translation file website/common/locales/en@lolcat/challenge.json
Resource update 3 months ago
Resource update 4 months ago
Committed changes 5 months ago
So sumwun cna 'win' ur chalenge. Srsly.! Den u can optionalleh awrd winnor an Gem priez. Maximum numbr u can award r teh numbr for gemz u haz (pluz teh numbr for guild gemz if u creetd thiz chalengez guild). Noat: Dis priez can no be changet laetr!.
5 months ago
Chalengez iz communitie eventz in wich playerz compeet an eern praizez by completin group ofv relatd taskz!.
5 months ago
Add to 2
5 months ago
WrRite short deescripshun advertisin ur challenge to othr habiticanz. Wat r teh main purpos for4 ur challenge an y peepl join it? Try to2 enclude usefool keywordz in teh deescripshun so that habiticanz can eesileh fin it win they seerch! K?
5 months ago
5 months ago
We couldn't find anyne matching C challengesz.
5 months ago
Praiz mus be at leest 1 gem fr peowblic chalengez!.
5 months ago
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