Source Translation
* may vary situationally
about 'bout
Achievement Medal
always allus
and n' or an'*
background ba'groun'
before afore
before afore
boss foe
can kin
can't canna
Community Guidelines Code o' Conduct
Complete Kermplete
Confers no benefit It don't benefit ye.
contributer contry-butor
equipment wardrobe / kit / ee-quitment
first firs'
Food Vittles
For fer
Friend Bucko
gems sapphires
get git
got any got 'ny
Group(beta plans) Fleet
Guild Ship
has 'as
have 'ave
Healer Sawbones
health wellness
Hello Ahoy
here 'ere
however 'owever
if if or iffen
into inta
is be
is/are be
It's 'Tis
Mage Conjurer
member mate
Mount Steed
Mounts Steeds
My Me
mystery hidden treasure
never ne'er
of o'
often oft
often oft
or er
over o'er
Party Crew