Key English English (Pirate) (en@pirate)
clearCompleted Delete Completed Be Rid o' What's Done
clearCompletedDescription Completed To Do's are deleted after 30 days for non-subscribers and 90 days for subscribers. Completed T' Do's are scuttled aft 30 days fer non-subscribers an' 90 days fer subscribers.
clearCompletedConfirm Are you sure you want to delete your completed To Do's? Are ye sure ye wants t' scuttle yer completed T'-Do's?
addMultipleTip <strong>Tip:</strong> To add multiple <%= taskType %>, separate each one using a line break (Shift + Enter) and then press "Enter." <strong>Tip:</strong> T' add multiple <%= taskType %>, separate each one usin' a line break (Shift + Enter) an' then press "Enter."
addATask Add a <%= type %> Add a <%= type %>
addATitle Add a title Add a titl'
editATask Edit <%= type %> Edit <%= type %>
createTask Create <%= type %> Create <%= type %>
scheduled Scheduled Planned
theseAreYourTasks These are your <%= taskType %> These be yer <%= taskType %>
habit Habit Habit
habits Habits Habits
habitsDesc Habits don't have a rigid schedule. You can check them off multiple times per day. Habits don' 'ave a rigid ske-jewel. Ye kin check 'em off multiple times per day.
positive Positive Positive
negative Negative Negative
yellowred Weak Weak
greenblue Strong Strong
edit Edit Edit
save Save Save
addChecklist Add Checklist Add Checklist