Key English Swahili
subscriptionBenefit5 Receive the Royal Purple Jackalope pet when you become a new subscriber. Receive the exclusive Royal Purple Jackalope pet!
subscriptionBenefit6 Earn Mystic Hourglasses to purchase items in the Time Traveler’s Shop! Earn Mystic Hourglasses for use in the Time Travelers' Shop!
purchaseAll Purchase Set Purchase Set
gemsRemaining Gems remaining gems remaining
notEnoughGemsToBuy You are unable to buy that amount of Gems You are unable to buy that amount of gems
subscribersReceiveBenefits Subscribers receive these useful benefits!
monthlyMysteryItems Monthly Mystery Items
doubleDropCap Double the Drops
youAreSubscribed You are subscribed to Habitica
dropCapReached You found all items for the day!
dropCapExplanation Your drops will reset with your tasks tomorrow. However, you’ll continue to earn Gold, Experience, and Quest progress when completing tasks.
dropCapLearnMore Learn more about Habitica’s drop system
lookingForMoreItems Looking for More Items?
dropCapSubs Habitica subscribers can find double the random items each day and receive monthly mystery items!
subscriptionCanceled Your subscription is canceled
subscriptionInactiveDate Your subscription benefits will become inactive on <strong><%= date %></strong>
subscriptionStats Subscription Stats
subMonths Sub Months
needToUpdateCard Need to update your card?
readyToResubscribe Are you ready to resubscribe?