Key English
subUpdateCard Update Credit Card
missingSubscription User does not have a plan subscription
usuallyGems Usually <%= originalGems %>
viewSubscriptions View Subscriptions
mysterySet202204 Virtual Adventurer Set
giftSubscription Want to gift the benefits of a subscription to someone else?
wantToSendOwnGems Want to send your own Gems?
mysterySet201509 Werewolf Set
gemBenefitLeadin What can you buy with Gems?
subWillBecomeInactive Will become inactive
mysterySet201502 Winged Enchanter Set
mysterySet201410 Winged Goblin Set
mysterySet201402 Winged Messenger Set
mysterySet201512 Winter Flame Set
mysterySetwondercon Wondercon
mysterySet202005 Wondrous Wyvern Set
mysterySet201511 Wood Warrior Set
nowSubscribed You are now subscribed to Habitica!
youAreSubscribed You are subscribed to Habitica
notEnoughGemsToBuy You are unable to buy that amount of Gems