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subscriptionBenefit6 Earn Mystic Hourglasses to purchase items in the Time Traveler’s Shop! Earn Mystic Hourglasses for use in the Time Travelers' Shop!
subscriptionBenefit5 Receive the Royal Purple Jackalope pet when you become a new subscriber. Receive the exclusive Royal Purple Jackalope pet!
subscriptionBenefit4 Unique cosmetic item for you to decorate your avatar each month. Unique cosmetic items for your avatar each month.
subscriptionBenefit3 Discover even more items in Habitica with a 2x daily drop-cap. Discover more items in Habitica with a doubled daily drop cap.
subscriptionBenefit1 Alexander the Merchant will now sell you Gems from the Market for 20 Gold each! Alexander the Merchant will sell you Gems, for 20 Gold each!
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