Key English English (en@lolcat)
spellWizardFireballText Burst of Flames BURST OV FLAMEZ
spellWizardFireballNotes You summon XP and deal fiery damage to Bosses! (Based on: INT) U sumon XP an do feiry damege 2 Bosez! (Basd on: INT)
spellWizardMPHealText Ethereal Surge ETHREAL SURGE
spellWizardMPHealNotes You sacrifice Mana so the rest of your Party, except Mages, gains MP! (Based on: INT) U sacrifiec Mana so teh res ov ur Party, excep Maegz, getz MP! (Basd on: INT)
spellWizardEarthText Earthquake EARTHQUAEK
spellWizardEarthNotes Your mental power shakes the earth and buffs your Party's Intelligence! (Based on: Unbuffed INT) Ur mentl powr shaekz da erth an buffz ur Partyz Intelligence! (Basd on: Unbuffd INT)
spellWizardFrostText Chilling Frost CHILLIN FROST
spellWizardFrostNotes With one cast, ice freezes all your streaks so they won't reset to zero tomorrow! Wif 1 cast, ice freezez al ur streekz so they wont reset 2 zero tomrrw!
spellWarriorSmashText Brutal Smash BROOTUL SMASH
spellWarriorSmashNotes You make a task more blue/less red and deal extra damage to Bosses! (Based on: STR) U maek task moar blue/les red an do xtra damage 2 Bosez! (Basd on: STR)
spellWarriorDefensiveStanceText Defensive Stance DEFENSIV STANCE
spellWarriorDefensiveStanceNotes You crouch low and gain a buff to Constitution! (Based on: Unbuffed CON) U crouch low liek gud kat an get buff 2 Constitution! (Basd on: Unbuffd CON)
spellWarriorValorousPresenceText Valorous Presence VALOROUS PRESENSE
spellWarriorValorousPresenceNotes Your boldness buffs your whole Party's Strength! (Based on: Unbuffed STR) Ur boldnes buffz ur hole Partyz Strength! (Basd on: Unbuffd STR)
spellWarriorIntimidateText Intimidating Gaze INTIMIDATIN GAZE
spellWarriorIntimidateNotes Your fierce stare buffs your whole Party's Constitution! (Based on: Unbuffed CON) Ur feirce stair buffz ur hole Partyz Constitution! (Basd on: Unbuffd CON)
spellRoguePickPocketText Pickpocket PICPAWKET
spellRoguePickPocketNotes You rob a nearby task and gain gold! (Based on: PER) U steel frum neerby task an get gold! (Basd on: PER)
spellRogueBackStabText Backstab BAKSTAB
spellRogueBackStabNotes You betray a foolish task and gain gold and XP! (Based on: STR) U betrai foolish task an get gold an XP! (Basd on: STR)