Key English Mongolian
resetAccount Reset Account
chatExtension <a target='blank' href=''>Chrome Chat Extension</a> and <a target='blank' href=''>Firefox Chat Extension</a>
chatExtensionDesc The Chat Extension for Habitica adds an intuitive chat box to all of It allows users to chat in the Tavern, their party, and any guilds they are in.
newPMNotificationTitle New Message from <%= name %>
giftedSubscriptionWinterPromo Hello <%= username %>, you received <%= monthCount %> months of subscription as part of our holiday gift-giving promotion!
subscriptionReminders Subscriptions Reminders
bannedWordUsedInProfile Your Display Name or About text contained inappropriate language.
displaynameIssueNewline Display Names may not contain backslashes followed by the letter N.
mentioning Mentioning
suggestMyUsername Suggest my username
everywhere Everywhere
onlyPrivateSpaces Only in private spaces
bannedSlurUsedInProfile Your Display Name or About text contained a slur, and your chat privileges have been revoked.