Key English Basque
settings Settings
language Language
americanEnglishGovern In the event of a discrepancy in the translations, the American English version governs.
helpWithTranslation Would you like to help with the translation of Habitica? Great! Then visit <a href="/groups/guild/7732f64c-33ee-4cce-873c-fc28f147a6f7">the Aspiring Linguists Guild</a>!
stickyHeader Sticky header
newTaskEdit Open new tasks in edit mode
dailyDueDefaultView Set Dailies default to 'due' tab
dailyDueDefaultViewPop With this option set, the Dailies tasks will default to 'due' instead of 'all'
reverseChatOrder Show chat messages in reverse order
startAdvCollapsed Advanced Settings in tasks start collapsed
startAdvCollapsedPop With this option set, Advanced Settings will be hidden when you first open a task for editing.
dontShowAgain Don't show this again
suppressLevelUpModal Don't show popup when gaining a level
suppressHatchPetModal Don't show popup when hatching a pet
suppressRaisePetModal Don't show popup when raising a pet into a mount
suppressStreakModal Don't show popup when attaining a Streak achievement
showTour Show Tour
showBailey Show Bailey
showBaileyPop Bring Bailey the Town Crier out of hiding so you can review past news.
fixVal Fix Character Values