Key English English (United Kingdom)
bannedWordUsedInProfile Your Display Name or About text contained inappropriate language.
mentioning Mentioning
suggestMyUsername Suggest my username
everywhere Everywhere
onlyPrivateSpaces Only in private spaces
bannedSlurUsedInProfile Your Display Name or About text contained a slur, and your chat privileges have been revoked.
transactions Transactions
gemTransactions Gem Transactions
hourglassTransactions Hourglass Transactions
noGemTransactions You don't have any gem transactions yet.
noHourglassTransactions You don't have any hourglass transactions yet.
transaction_debug Debug Action
transaction_buy_money Bought with money
transaction_buy_gold Bought with gold
transaction_contribution Through contribution
transaction_spend Spent on
transaction_gift_send Gifted to
transaction_gift_receive Received from
transaction_create_challenge Created challenge
transaction_create_guild Created guild