Key English Latin
rebirthPop Instantly restart your character as a Level 1 Warrior while retaining achievements, collectibles, and equipment. Your tasks and their history will remain but they will be reset to yellow. Your streaks will be removed except from tasks belonging to active Challenges and Group Plans. Your Gold, Experience, Mana, and the effects of all Skills will be removed. All of this will take effect immediately. For more information, see the wiki's <a href='' target='_blank'>Orb of Rebirth</a> page. Statim characterem tuum ad Gradum 1 Bellatorem incipit iterum donec retines res perfectas, res collectas, et armamenta. Munera tua et historiam eorum manebunt sed ea revertentur ad flava. Series tuae auferentur praeter munera provocationis activae et Ordinationis Tribus. Aurum tuum et Experentiaque Mana tuae, et effectus sollertium omnium auferentur. Omnia haec statim fient. Pro magis informatione, vide paginam wiki de <a href='' target='_blank'>Orbe Renascientae</a>.