Key English Chinese (Hong Kong)
questSilverDropSilverPotion Silver Hatching Potion
questSilverUnlockText Unlocks Silver Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questRobotText Mysterious Mechanical Marvels!
questRobotNotes At Max Capacity labs, @Rev is putting the finishing touches on their newest invention, a robotic Accountability Buddy, when a strange metal vehicle suddenly appears in a plume of smoke, inches from the robot’s Fluctuation Detector! Its occupants, two strange figures dressed in silver, emerge and remove their space helmets, revealing themselves as @FolleMente and @McCoyly.<br><br>“I hypothesize that there was an anomaly in our productivity implementation,” @FolleMente says sheepishly.<br><br>@McCoyly crosses her arms. “That means they neglected to complete their Dailies, which I postulate led to the disintegration of our Productivity Stabilizer. It’s an essential component to time travel that needs consistency to work properly. Our accomplishments power our movement through time and space! I don’t have time to explain further, @Rev. You’ll discover it in 37 years, or perhaps your allies the Mysterious Time Travelers can fill you in. For now, can you help us fix our time machine?”
questRobotCompletion As @Rev and the Accountability Buddy place the last bolt in place, the time machine buzzes to life. @FolleMente and @McCoyly jump aboard. “Thanks for the assist! We’ll see you in the future! By the way, these should help you with your next invention!” With that, the time travelers disappear, but left behind in the wreckage of the old Productivity Stabilizer are three clockwork eggs. Perhaps these will be the crucial components for a new production line of Accountability Buddies!
questRobotCollectBolts Bolts
questRobotCollectGears Gears
questRobotCollectSprings Springs
questRobotDropRobotEgg Robot (Egg)
questRobotUnlockText Unlocks purchasable Robot Eggs in the Market
rockingReptilesText Rocking Reptiles Quest Bundle
rockingReptilesNotes Contains 'The Insta-Gator,' 'The Serpent of Distraction,' and 'The Veloci-Rapper.' Available until September 30.
delightfulDinosText Delightful Dinos Quest Bundle
delightfulDinosNotes Contains 'The Pterror-dactyl,' 'The Trampling Triceratops,' and 'The Dinosaur Unearthed.' Available until May 31.
questAmberText The Amber Alliance
questAmberNotes You’re sitting in the Tavern with @beffymaroo and @-Tyr- when @Vikte bursts through the door and excitedly tells you about the rumors of another type of Magic Hatching Potion hidden in the Taskwoods. Having completed your Dailies, the three of you immediately agree to help @Vikte on their search. After all, what’s the harm in a little adventure?<br><br>After walking through the Taskwoods for hours, you’re beginning to regret joining such a wild chase. You’re about to head home, when you hear a surprised yelp and turn to see a huge lizard with shiny amber scales coiled around a tree, clutching @Vikte in her claws. @beffymaroo reaches for her sword.<br><br>“Wait!” cries @-Tyr-. “It’s the Trerezin! She’s not dangerous, just dangerously clingy!”
questAmberCompletion “Trerezin?” @-Tyr- says calmly. “Could you let @Vikte go? I don’t think they’re enjoying being so high up.”<br><br>The Trerezin’s amber skin blushes crimson and she gently lowers @Vikte to the ground. “My apologies! It’s been so long since I’ve had any guests that I’ve forgotten my manners!” She slithers forward to greet you properly before disappearing into her treehouse, and returning with an armful of Amber Hatching Potions as thank-you gifts!<br><br>“Magic Potions!” @Vikte gasps.<br><br>“Oh, these old things?” The Trerezin's tongue flickers as she thinks. “How about this? I’ll give you this whole stack if you promise to visit me every so often...”<br><br>And so you leave the Taskwoods, excited to tell everyone about the new potions--and your new friend!
questAmberBoss Trerezin
questAmberDropAmberPotion Amber Hatching Potion
questAmberUnlockText Unlocks Amber Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market