Key English Latin
questFluoriteText A Bright Fluorite Fright
questStoneText A Maze of Moss
questAmberDropAmberPotion Amber Hatching Potion
questWaffleNotes “April Fool!” storms a flustered Lady Glaciate. “You said your dessert-themed prank was ‘over with and completely cleaned up’!”<br><br>“Why, it was and is, my dear,” replies the Fool, puzzled. “And I am the most honest of Fools. What's wrong?”<br><br>“There's a giant sugary monster approaching Habit City!”<br><br>“Hmm,” muses the Fool. “I did raid a few lairs for the mystic reagents for my last event. Maybe I attracted some unwanted attention. Is it the Saccharine Serpent? The Torte-oise? Tiramisu Rex?”<br><br>“No! It's some sort of... Awful Waffle!”<br><br>“Huh. That's a new one! Perhaps it spawned from all the ambient shenanigan energy.” He turns to you and @beffymaroo with a lopsided smile. “I don't suppose you'd be available for some heroics?”
questRubyCollectAquariusRunes Aquarius Zodiac Runes
questRobotCompletion As @Rev and the Accountability Buddy place the last bolt in place, the time machine buzzes to life. @FolleMente and @McCoyly jump aboard. “Thanks for the assist! We’ll see you in the future! By the way, these should help you with your next invention!” With that, the time travelers disappear, but left behind in the wreckage of the old Productivity Stabilizer are three clockwork eggs. Perhaps these will be the crucial components for a new production line of Accountability Buddies!
questBlackPearlText A Startling Starry Idea
questBlackPearlBoss Asteroidea
questBlackPearlCompletion As you batter and blast the beastie, it sheds black pearls across the sands. Their glistening surfaces catch your eye as you dodge another smashing tentacle.<br><br>You may be in mortal peril, but you can’t help thinking of how beautifully they glimmer. Then you can’t help thinking that this is a terrible time for a new potion idea.<br><br>Suddenly the monster freezes. @jjgame83 and @PixelStormArt exchange baffled looks and lower their weapons.<br><br>“YOU HAVE YOUR WISH, MORTAL. MY WORK IS DONE.”<br><br>Asteroidea vanishes, and the sky and waters clear. @QuartzFox stares at you. “Care to explain?”<br><br>You try your best, and together you fill the picnic basket with black pearls. An afternoon of alchemy later, you have to admit it was a pretty good idea.
questFluoriteCompletion As you do battle, the crystal creature seems more and more distracted by the light show you are creating. “So shiny…” it mutters.<br><br>“Of course!” @nirbhao exclaims. “It must be a fluorite elemental. All they want is light to let them glow. Let’s help it shine.”<br><br>The elemental giggles happily and glows all the brighter as you light up torches and motes of magic. It’s so glad to be shining again that it leads you to a rich deposit of fluorite crystals.<br><br>“This is the perfect ingredient for a new hatching potion,” says @nirbhao. “One which will make our pets as bright as our new fluorescent friend.”
questWindupCompletion As you dodge the attacks, you notice something odd: a stripy brass tail sticking out of the robot’s chassis. You plunge a hand amid the grinding gears and pull out… a trembling wind-up tiger cub. It snuggles against your shirt.<br><br>The clockwork robot immediately stops flailing and smiles, its cogs clicking back into place. “Ki-Ki-Kitty! Kitty got in me!”<br><br>“Great!” the Powerful says, blushing. “I’ve been working hard on these wind-up pet potions. I guess I lost track of my new creations. I’ve been missing my ‘Tidy the workshop’ daily a lot lately…”<br><br>You follow the tinkerer and Clankton inside. Parts, tools and potions cover every surface. “Powerful” takes your watch, but hands you a few potions.<br><br>“Take these. Clearly they’ll be safer with you!”
questOnyxCompletion As you enter the Dark Crevasse, the mantis shrimps that live there dart away, seemingly scared of you. However, they quickly return carrying small coloured orbs, and you realise that these are the treasures that the others wanted! You pocket a healthy collection of each type, say goodbye to the shrimps, and head back to the boat where the others help you aboard.<br><br>“Where have you been?” @Vikte exclaims. In response you show them the treasure you’ve collected.<br><br>“These ingredients make Onyx Magic Hatching Potions!”, @aspiring_advocate says excitedly as you begin to head back to shore.<br><br>“So… we can hatch Onyx pets!” @starsystemic smiles. “Didn’t we say this would be fun?”<br><br>You smile back, excited for your new pets, and ready to finish your tasks!
questRobotNotes At Max Capacity labs, @Rev is putting the finishing touches on their newest invention, a robotic Accountability Buddy, when a strange metal vehicle suddenly appears in a plume of smoke, inches from the robot’s Fluctuation Detector! Its occupants, two strange figures dressed in silver, emerge and remove their space helmets, revealing themselves as @FolleMente and @McCoyly.<br><br>“I hypothesize that there was an anomaly in our productivity implementation,” @FolleMente says sheepishly.<br><br>@McCoyly crosses her arms. “That means they neglected to complete their Dailies, which I postulate led to the disintegration of our Productivity Stabilizer. It’s an essential component to time travel that needs consistency to work properly. Our accomplishments power our movement through time and space! I don’t have time to explain further, @Rev. You’ll discover it in 37 years, or perhaps your allies the Mysterious Time Travelers can fill you in. For now, can you help us fix our time machine?”
questSolarSystemText A Voyage of Cosmic Concentration
questWaffleBoss Awful Waffle
questWaffleRageEffect `Awful Waffle uses MAPLE MIRE!` Sticky sappy syrup slows your swings and spells! Pending damage reduced.
questWindupText A Whirl with a Wind-Up Warrior
questWaffleCompletion Battered and buttered but triumphant, you savor sweet victory as the Awful Waffle collapses into a pool of sticky goo.<br><br>“Wow, you really creamed that monster,” says Lady Glaciate, impressed.<br><br>“A piece of cake!” beams the April Fool.<br><br>“Kind of a shame, though,” says @beffymaroo. “It looked good enough to eat.”<br><br>The Fool takes a set of potion bottles from somewhere in his cape, fills them with the syrupy leavings of the Waffle, and mixes in a pinch of sparkling dust. The liquid swirls with color--new Hatching Potions! He tosses them into your arms. “All that adventure has given me an appetite. Who wants to join me for breakfast?”
questBlackPearlDropBlackPearlPotion Black Pearl Hatching Potion
questRobotCollectBolts Bolts