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delightfulDinosNotes Contains 'The Pterror-dactyl,' 'The Trampling Triceratops,' and 'The Dinosaur Unearthed.' Available until May 31.
delightfulDinosText Delightful Dinos Quest Bundle
evilSantaAddlNotes Note that Trapper Santa and Find the Cub have stackable quest achievements but give a rare pet and mount that can only be added to your stable once.
jungleBuddiesNotes Contains 'Monstrous Mandrill and the Mischief Monkeys', 'The Somnolent Sloth', and 'The Tangle Tree'. Available until <%= date %>.
jungleBuddiesText Jungle Buddies Quest Bundle
mythicalMarvelsNotes Contains 'Convincing the Unicorn Queen,' 'The Fiery Gryphon,' and 'Danger in the Depths: Sea Serpent Strike!' Available until February 28.
mythicalMarvelsText Mythical Marvels Quest Bundle
questAmberBoss Trerezin
questAmberCompletion “Trerezin?” @-Tyr- says calmly. “Could you let @Vikte go? I don’t think they’re enjoying being so high up.”<br><br>The Trerezin’s amber skin blushes crimson and she gently lowers @Vikte to the ground. “My apologies! It’s been so long since I’ve had any guests that I’ve forgotten my manners!” She slithers forward to greet you properly before disappearing into her treehouse, and returning with an armful of Amber Hatching Potions as thank-you gifts!<br><br>“Magic Potions!” @Vikte gasps.<br><br>“Oh, these old things?” The Trerezin's tongue flickers as she thinks. “How about this? I’ll give you this whole stack if you promise to visit me every so often...”<br><br>And so you leave the Taskwoods, excited to tell everyone about the new potions--and your new friend!
questAmberDropAmberPotion Amber Hatching Potion
questAmberNotes You’re sitting in the Tavern with @beffymaroo and @-Tyr- when @Vikte bursts through the door and excitedly tells you about the rumors of another type of Magic Hatching Potion hidden in the Taskwoods. Having completed your Dailies, the three of you immediately agree to help @Vikte on their search. After all, what’s the harm in a little adventure?<br><br>After walking through the Taskwoods for hours, you’re beginning to regret joining such a wild chase. You’re about to head home, when you hear a surprised yelp and turn to see a huge lizard with shiny amber scales coiled around a tree, clutching @Vikte in her claws. @beffymaroo reaches for her sword.<br><br>“Wait!” cries @-Tyr-. “It’s the Trerezin! She’s not dangerous, just dangerously clingy!”
questAmberText The Amber Alliance
questAmberUnlockText Unlocks Amber Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questBlackPearlBoss Asteroidea
questBlackPearlCompletion As you batter and blast the beastie, it sheds black pearls across the sands. Their glistening surfaces catch your eye as you dodge another smashing tentacle.<br><br>You may be in mortal peril, but you can’t help thinking of how beautifully they glimmer. Then you can’t help thinking that this is a terrible time for a new potion idea.<br><br>Suddenly the monster freezes. @jjgame83 and @PixelStormArt exchange baffled looks and lower their weapons.<br><br>“YOU HAVE YOUR WISH, MORTAL. MY WORK IS DONE.”<br><br>Asteroidea vanishes, and the sky and waters clear. @QuartzFox stares at you. “Care to explain?”<br><br>You try your best, and together you fill the picnic basket with black pearls. An afternoon of alchemy later, you have to admit it was a pretty good idea.
questBlackPearlDropBlackPearlPotion Black Pearl Hatching Potion
questBlackPearlNotes You’ve been feeling uninspired lately, so when @jjgame83 suggests a trip to Lively Lake, you jump at the chance for a change of scenery. As @QuartzFox lays out a picnic on the shore, you find something glinting in the shallows. A strange black pearl.<br><br>“I wish I had a new idea,” you sigh.<br><br>A chill washes over the shore. The lake turns to black ink. The stars rise as noon becomes midnight in a heartbeat.<br><br>“Those aren’t good signs,” says @PixelStormArt.<br><br>A towering mass of arms bursts from the lake in a spray of foam, and from its beak, it booms: “BEHOLD ASTEROIDEA, THE IDEA FROM BEYOND THE STARS!”<br><br>A tentacle slams down onto the picnic basket. Good idea or not, you leap into action.
questBlackPearlText A Startling Starry Idea
questBlackPearlUnlockText Unlocks Black Pearl Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questBronzeBoss Brazen Beetle