Key English Latin
questTurquoiseUnlockText Unlocks Turquoise Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
sandySidekicksText Sandy Sidekicks Quest Bundle
sandySidekicksNotes Contains 'The Indulgent Armadillo', 'The Serpent of Distraction', and 'The Icy Arachnid'. Available until <%= date %>.
questBlackPearlText A Startling Starry Idea
questBlackPearlNotes You’ve been feeling uninspired lately, so when @jjgame83 suggests a trip to Lively Lake, you jump at the chance for a change of scenery. As @QuartzFox lays out a picnic on the shore, you find something glinting in the shallows. A strange black pearl.<br><br>“I wish I had a new idea,” you sigh.<br><br>A chill washes over the shore. The lake turns to black ink. The stars rise as noon becomes midnight in a heartbeat.<br><br>“Those aren’t good signs,” says @PixelStormArt.<br><br>A towering mass of arms bursts from the lake in a spray of foam, and from its beak, it booms: “BEHOLD ASTEROIDEA, THE IDEA FROM BEYOND THE STARS!”<br><br>A tentacle slams down onto the picnic basket. Good idea or not, you leap into action.
questBlackPearlCompletion As you batter and blast the beastie, it sheds black pearls across the sands. Their glistening surfaces catch your eye as you dodge another smashing tentacle.<br><br>You may be in mortal peril, but you can’t help thinking of how beautifully they glimmer. Then you can’t help thinking that this is a terrible time for a new potion idea.<br><br>Suddenly the monster freezes. @jjgame83 and @PixelStormArt exchange baffled looks and lower their weapons.<br><br>“YOU HAVE YOUR WISH, MORTAL. MY WORK IS DONE.”<br><br>Asteroidea vanishes, and the sky and waters clear. @QuartzFox stares at you. “Care to explain?”<br><br>You try your best, and together you fill the picnic basket with black pearls. An afternoon of alchemy later, you have to admit it was a pretty good idea.
questBlackPearlBoss Asteroidea
questBlackPearlDropBlackPearlPotion Black Pearl Hatching Potion
questBlackPearlUnlockText Unlocks Black Pearl Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questStoneText A Maze of Moss
questStoneNotes You open the gates to the Fortress of Neglect only to be surprised by the moss that has grown all over the statues, rocks and surfaces in the garden. “Oh no, the garden has been neglected for too long!” says @jjgame83.<br><br>“Well, it's never too late to start tending to the garden,” @PixelStormArt says enthusiastically, “but where shall we start tackling the maze of moss?”<br><br>“We can make and follow a plan so we don't get lost,” says @QuartzFox.<br><br>While clearing away the mossy rocks, @starsystemic spots Mars and Capricorn runes hidden underneath. “What are these for? Let's take them back to the Habit City Library to look them up when we're finished.”<br><br>That's assuming you find your way back out of here at all, you think, but don't say aloud.
questStoneCompletion The work clearing overgrowth and moving loose stones taxes you to the limits of your strength. But you divide the work among the team, and place stones in the paths behind you to help you find your way back to the others. The runes you find bolster your strength and determination, too, and in the end the garden doesn't look so neglected at all!<br><br>You convene at the Library as @starsystemic suggested, and find a Magic Potion formula that uses the runes you collected. “This is an unexpected reward for attending to our neglected tasks,” says @jjgame83.<br><br>@QuartzFox agrees, “And that is on top of having a beautiful garden to enjoy with our pets.”<br><br>“Let's start making some a-mazing Mossy Stone Hatching Potions!” says @starsystemic, and everyone joins in happily.
questStoneCollectMarsRunes Mars Runes
questStoneCollectCapricornRunes Capricorn Runes
questStoneCollectMossyStones Mossy Stones
questStoneDropMossyStonePotion Mossy Stone Hatching Potion
questStoneUnlockText Unlocks Mossy Stone Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questSolarSystemText A Voyage of Cosmic Concentration
questSolarSystemNotes Your party is traveling through the cosmos, seeing the sights in a fantastical airship designed by talented space engineer @gawrone. Its meditationite propulsion relies on the calm of your Party to stay on course.<br><br>Up ahead in the clouds of sparkling galaxies, you spot an ominously pulsing star. “Keep your focus,” warns @beffymaroo. “If we get too distracted when we’re passing that nova, the pull between the star and our ship may veer us off course!”<br><br>As you near the star, pulses of strange energy come toward the ship.<br><br>“They’re Diversionoids, thought creatures trying to get us lost,” says @SabreCat. “If we can let them flow by without carrying us away, we should be able to stay pointed toward our goal!”
questSolarSystemCompletion Through careful practice, you and the crew manage to keep the Diversionoids from sweeping you overboard, just by noticing and acknowledging them without letting them take over. As you pass safely by the pulsing star, @gawrone notices a cluster of floating bottles and pulls them aboard. Each appears to contain a tiny solar system!<br><br>“Well, looks like our hard work has brought us some fine rewards!” says @beffymaroo. “Let’s see what celestial wonders might appear if we hatch pet eggs with these new potions.”