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jungleBuddiesNotes Contains 'Monstrous Mandrill and the Mischief Monkeys', 'The Somnolent Sloth', and 'The Tangle Tree'. Available until <%= date %>.
questFluoriteText A Bright Fluorite Fright
questFluoriteNotes Unusual minerals are in high demand these days, so you and a few friends have trekked deep into the mines of the Meandering Mountains, in search of exciting ores. It’s a long and boring expedition, until @-Tyr- stumbles over a large rock, sitting right in the middle of the tunnel.<br><br>“This should help brighten things up,” says @nirbhao, before conjuring up an orb of light.<br><br>A warm brightness fills the tunnel, but something odd starts happening to that large rock. Feeding on the magical light, it begins to glow with fluorescent blues, greens and purples. Then it rears upright into a vaguely humanoid shape, complete with glowing red eyes fixed right on you! You jump into action with flashing spells and shining weapons.
questFluoriteCompletion As you do battle, the crystal creature seems more and more distracted by the light show you are creating. “So shiny…” it mutters.<br><br>“Of course!” @nirbhao exclaims. “It must be a fluorite elemental. All they want is light to let them glow. Let’s help it shine.”<br><br>The elemental giggles happily and glows all the brighter as you light up torches and motes of magic. It’s so glad to be shining again that it leads you to a rich deposit of fluorite crystals.<br><br>“This is the perfect ingredient for a new hatching potion,” says @nirbhao. “One which will make our pets as bright as our new fluorescent friend.”
questFluoriteBoss Fluorite Elemental
questFluoriteDropFluoritePotion Fluorite Hatching Potion
questFluoriteUnlockText Unlocks Fluorite Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questWindupText A Whirl with a Wind-Up Warrior
questWindupNotes Habit City is seldom quiet, but you weren’t prepared for the cacophony of creaks, squeaks and screams escaping Good Timekeeping, Habitica’s finest clockwork emporium. You sigh--you just wanted your watch fixed. The proprietor, known only as “Great and Powerful”, tumbles out the door, pursued by a clanking copper colossus!<br><br>“Ki-! Ki-! Ki!” it clangs, arms smashing up and down. Its gears grind and screech in protest.<br><br>“My robot Clankton has gone mad! It’s trying to kill me!” the supposedly Powerful one shrieks.<br><br>Even with a broken watch, you can tell when it’s time to fight. You leap forward to defend the panicking watchmaker. @Vikte and @a_diamond also step up to help!<br><br>“Ki-! Ki-! Ki-!” Clankton chants with each blow. “Mew!”<br><br>Wait, was that mechanical mewling amidst the murderous monotone?
questWindupCompletion As you dodge the attacks, you notice something odd: a stripy brass tail sticking out of the robot’s chassis. You plunge a hand amid the grinding gears and pull out… a trembling wind-up tiger cub. It snuggles against your shirt.<br><br>The clockwork robot immediately stops flailing and smiles, its cogs clicking back into place. “Ki-Ki-Kitty! Kitty got in me!”<br><br>“Great!” the Powerful says, blushing. “I’ve been working hard on these wind-up pet potions. I guess I lost track of my new creations. I’ve been missing my ‘Tidy the workshop’ daily a lot lately…”<br><br>You follow the tinkerer and Clankton inside. Parts, tools and potions cover every surface. “Powerful” takes your watch, but hands you a few potions.<br><br>“Take these. Clearly they’ll be safer with you!”
questWindupBoss Clankton
questWindupDropWindupPotion Wind-Up Hatching Potion
questWindupUnlockText Unlocks Wind-Up Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questTurquoiseText Turquoise Treasure Toil
questTurquoiseNotes @gawrone runs into your room holding their Habitican Diploma in one hand and an extraordinarily large and dusty leather-bound tome in the other.<br><br>“You’ll never guess what I’ve discovered!” they say. “The reason the Flourishing Fields are so fertile is that they were once covered with a vast ocean. It’s rumored that an ancient people once inhabited that ocean floor in enchanted cities. I’ve used forgotten maps to find the most likely location! Get your shovel!”<br><br>The next evening you meet up, @QuartzFox and @starsystemic joining the party, and begin to dig. Deep in the ground you find a rune, with a turquoise gem nearby!<br><br>“Keep digging!” @gawrone urges. “If we find enough, we can make one of their ancient potions and history at the same time!”
questTurquoiseCompletion Hot and sweaty, your team finally stops to rest beside the upturned dirt and looks at the pile of runes and gems you’ve found.<br><br>“Unbelievable,” murmurs @QuartzFox. “This will rewrite the history books.”<br><br>“Let me take these materials back to Habitica University for analysis,” says @gawrone. “There should be plenty to study and to make some turquoise potions for all of us! Who knows what else we could find buried around here?”<br><br>@starsystemic chimes in: “It’s amazing how much you can get accomplished with some hard work!”
questTurquoiseCollectSagittariusRunes Sagittarius Runes
questTurquoiseCollectNeptuneRunes Neptune Runes
questTurquoiseCollectTurquoiseGems Turquoise Gems
questTurquoiseDropTurquoisePotion Turquoise Hatching Potion