Key English Latin
questAmberDropAmberPotion Amber Hatching Potion
questAmberUnlockText Unlocks Amber Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questRubyText Ruby Rapport
questRubyNotes The normally bustling peaks of the Stoïkalm Volcanoes lie silent in the snow. “I suppose the hikers and sight-seers are hibernating?” @gully says to you and @Aspiring_Advocate. “That makes our search easier.”<br><br>As you reach the summit, the chill wind merges with the steam billowing from the crater. “There!” @Aspiring_Advocate exclaims, pointing toward a hot spring. “What better place to find cool runes of Aquarius and passionate runes of Venus than where ice and fire meet?”<br><br>The three of you hurry toward the hot spring. “According to my research,” @Aspiring_Advocate says, “combining the runes with heart-shaped rubies will create a hatching potion that can foster friendship and love!”<br><br>Excited by the prospect of a new discovery, you all smile. “All right,” @gully says, “let's start searching!”
questRubyCompletion With the necessary items safely packed away, the three of you rush back to Habit City and meet in @beffymaroo's lab. “Excellent work!” @beffymaroo says. “You've gathered the ingredients for the potion!”<br><br>@beffymaroo carefully combines the runes and the rubies to create a brilliant red potion and pours some of it on two pet eggs. As you observe the results, you notice that the two pets seem completely uninterested in one another!<br><br>“Did it not work?” @gully asks. But before anyone can answer, you suddenly realize that it isn't the potion that creates friendship and love, but rather it is the experience of working together toward a common goal. You come away from the quest having gained some new friends...and some flashy new pets!
questRubyCollectAquariusRunes Aquarius Zodiac Runes
questRubyCollectVenusRunes Venus Runes
questRubyCollectRubyGems Ruby Gems
questRubyDropRubyPotion Ruby Hatching Potion
questRubyUnlockText Unlocks Ruby Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questWaffleText Waffling with the Fool: Disaster Breakfast!
questWaffleNotes “April Fool!” storms a flustered Lady Glaciate. “You said your dessert-themed prank was ‘over with and completely cleaned up’!”<br><br>“Why, it was and is, my dear,” replies the Fool, puzzled. “And I am the most honest of Fools. What's wrong?”<br><br>“There's a giant sugary monster approaching Habit City!”<br><br>“Hmm,” muses the Fool. “I did raid a few lairs for the mystic reagents for my last event. Maybe I attracted some unwanted attention. Is it the Saccharine Serpent? The Torte-oise? Tiramisu Rex?”<br><br>“No! It's some sort of... Awful Waffle!”<br><br>“Huh. That's a new one! Perhaps it spawned from all the ambient shenanigan energy.” He turns to you and @beffymaroo with a lopsided smile. “I don't suppose you'd be available for some heroics?”
questWaffleCompletion Battered and buttered but triumphant, you savor sweet victory as the Awful Waffle collapses into a pool of sticky goo.<br><br>“Wow, you really creamed that monster,” says Lady Glaciate, impressed.<br><br>“A piece of cake!” beams the April Fool.<br><br>“Kind of a shame, though,” says @beffymaroo. “It looked good enough to eat.”<br><br>The Fool takes a set of potion bottles from somewhere in his cape, fills them with the syrupy leavings of the Waffle, and mixes in a pinch of sparkling dust. The liquid swirls with color--new Hatching Potions! He tosses them into your arms. “All that adventure has given me an appetite. Who wants to join me for breakfast?”
questWaffleBoss Awful Waffle
questWaffleRageTitle Maple Mire
questWaffleRageDescription Maple Mire: This bar fills when you don't complete your Dailies. When it is full, the Awful Waffle will subtract from the pending damage that party members have built up!
questWaffleRageEffect `Awful Waffle uses MAPLE MIRE!` Sticky sappy syrup slows your swings and spells! Pending damage reduced.
questWaffleDropDessertPotion Confection Hatching Potion
questWaffleUnlockText Unlocks Confection Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
jungleBuddiesText Jungle Buddies Quest Bundle