Key English Latin
evilSantaAddlNotes Note that Trapper Santa and Find the Cub have stackable quest achievements but give a rare pet and mount that can only be added to your stable once.
questVelociraptorUnlockText Unlocks Velociraptor Eggs for purchase in the Market
mythicalMarvelsText Mythical Marvels Quest Bundle
mythicalMarvelsNotes Contains 'Convincing the Unicorn Queen,' 'The Fiery Gryphon,' and 'Danger in the Depths: Sea Serpent Strike!' Available until February 28.
questBronzeText Brazen Beetle Battle
questBronzeNotes On a refreshing break between tasks, you and some friends take a stroll through the forest trails of the Taskwoods. You come upon a large hollow log and a sparkle from inside catches your attention.<br><br>Why, it's a cache of Magic Hatching Potions! The shimmering bronze liquid swirls gently in the bottles, and @Hachiseiko reaches to pick one up to examine it.<br><br>“Halt!” hisses a voice from behind you. It's a gigantic beetle with a carapace of gleaming bronze, raising her clawed feet in a fighting stance. “Those are my potions, and if you wish to earn them, you must prove yourself in a gentlefolks' duel!”
questBronzeCompletion “Well met, warrior!” says the beetle as she settles to the ground. Is she smiling? It's hard to tell from those mandibles. “You've truly earned these potions!”<br<br>“Oh wow, we’ve never gotten a reward like this for winning a battle before!” says @UncommonCriminal, turning a shimmering bottle in their hand. “Let's go hatch our new pets!”
questBronzeBoss Brazen Beetle
questBronzeDropBronzePotion Bronze Hatching Potion
questBronzeUnlockText Unlocks Bronze Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questDolphinText The Dolphin of Doubt
questDolphinNotes You walk upon the shores of Inkomplete Bay, pondering the daunting work ahead of you. A splash in the water catches your eye. A magnificent dolphin arcs over the waves. Sunlight glimmers off its fins and tail. But wait...that’s not sunlight, and the dolphin doesn’t dip back into the sea. It fixes its gaze on @khdarkwolf.<br><br>“I’ll never finish all these Dailies,” said @khdarkwolf.<br><br>“I’m not good enough to reach my goals,” said @confusedcicada as the dolphin turned its glare on them.<br><br>“Why did I even bother trying?” asked @mewrose, withering under the stare of the beast.<br><br>Its eyes meet yours, and feel your mind begin to sink under the rising tide of doubt. You steel yourself; someone has to defeat this creature, and it’s going to be you!
questDolphinBoss Dolphin of Doubt
questDolphinCompletion Your battle of wills with the dolphin has left you tired but victorious. With your determination and encouragement, @mewrose, @khdarkwolf, and @confusedcicada pick themselves up and shake off the dolphin’s insidious telepathy. The four of you shield yourselves with a sense of accomplishment in your consistent Dailies, strong Habits, and completed To Do's until it closes its glowing eyes in silent acknowledgment of your successes. With that, it tumbles back into the bay. As you trade high-fives and congratulations, you notice three eggs wash ashore.<br><br>“Hm, I wonder what we can do with those,” @khdarkwolf muses.
questDolphinDropDolphinEgg Dolphin (Egg)
questDolphinUnlockText Unlocks Dolphin Eggs for purchase in the Market
questSilverText The Silver Solution
questSilverNotes The recent discovery of Bronze Hatching Potions has all of Habitica talking. Could potions of even brighter metals be possible? You head to Habit City's central Public Library, accompanied by @QuartzFox and @starsystemic, and gather up great armloads of books on alchemy to study.<br><br>After hours of eye-straining labor, @QuartzFox lets out a not-quite-library-appropriate shout of triumph. “Aha! I've found it!” You hurry over to see. “A Silver Hatching Potion can be made with runes of the zodiac sign Cancer, dissolved in pure silver melted over flame infused with the power of Moon runes.”<br><br>“We'll need a lot of those ingredients,” muses @starsystemic. “In case an attempt goes wrong.”<br><br>“There's only one place to find huge quantities of such random crafting materials,” says @Edge, standing in the shadow of the stacks with arms crossed. Have they been there the whole time? “The Dungeons of Drudgery. Let's get going.”
questSilverCompletion You've delved. You've dredged. You've scavenged. At last you emerge from the Dungeons, laden with runes and bars of silver, covered in sludge but exhilarated with success. You journey back to Habit City and set to work in an alchemy lab. You and @starsystemic follow the formulas @QuartzFox found, under the careful supervision of @Edge. Finally, in a great puff of glitter and smoke, your concoction settles into the familiar viscosity of a Hatching Potion!<br><br>@Edge scoops the mixture into vials and grins. “Let's give it a try, shall we? Anyone got any Eggs?”<br><br>You rush to the Stables, wondering what shining secrets may yet remain undiscovered...
questSilverCollectCancerRunes Cancer Zodiac Runes