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questOnyxCompletion As you enter the Dark Crevasse, the mantis shrimps that live there dart away, seemingly scared of you. However, they quickly return carrying small coloured orbs, and you realise that these are the treasures that the others wanted! You pocket a healthy collection of each type, say goodbye to the shrimps, and head back to the boat where the others help you aboard.<br><br>“Where have you been?” @Vikte exclaims. In response you show them the treasure you’ve collected.<br><br>“These ingredients make Onyx Magic Hatching Potions!”, @aspiring_advocate says excitedly as you begin to head back to shore.<br><br>“So… we can hatch Onyx pets!” @starsystemic smiles. “Didn’t we say this would be fun?”<br><br>You smile back, excited for your new pets, and ready to finish your tasks!
questOnyxCollectPlutoRunes Pluto Runes
questOnyxCollectLeoRunes Leo Runes
questOnyxCollectOnyxStones Onyx Stones
questOnyxDropOnyxPotion Onyx Hatching Potion
questOnyxUnlockText Unlocks Onyx Hatching Potions for purchase in the Market
questVirtualPetText Virtual Mayhem with the April Fool: The Beepening
questVirtualPetNotes It’s a quiet and pleasant spring morning in Habitica, a week past a memorable April Fool’s Day. You and @Beffymaroo are at the stables tending to your pets (who are still a bit confused from their time spent virtually!).<br><br>In the distance you hear a rumble and a beeping noise, soft at first but increasing in volume as if it’s getting closer. An egg-shape appears on the horizon and as it nears, beeping ever louder, you see that it is a gigantic virtual pet!<br><br>“Oh no,” @Beffymaroo exclaims, “I think the April Fool left some unfinished business with this big fella here, he seems to want attention!”<br><br>The virtual pet beeps angrily, throwing a virtual tantrum and whomping ever closer.
questVirtualPetCompletion Some careful button pushing seems to have fulfilled the virtual pet’s mysterious needs, and finally it has quieted down and appears content.<br><br>Suddenly in a burst of confetti, the April Fool appears with a basket full of strange potions emitting soft beeps.<br><br>“What timing, April Fool,” @Beffymaroo says with a wry smile. “I suspect this large beeping fellow is an acquaintance of yours.”<br><br>“Uh, yes,” the Fool says, sheepishly. “So sorry about that, and thank you both for taking care of Wotchimon! Take these potions in the way of thanks, they can bring your Virtual pets back anytime you like!”<br><br>You’re not 100% sure you’re on board with all the beeping, but they’re sure cute so it’s worth a shot!
questVirtualPetBoss Wotchimon
questVirtualPetRageTitle The Beepening
questVirtualPetRageDescription This bar fills when you don't complete your Dailies. When it is full, the Wotchimon will take away some of your party's pending damage!
questVirtualPetRageEffect `Wotchimon uses Bothersome Beep!` Wotchimon sounds a bothersome beep, and its happiness bar suddenly disappears! Pending damage reduced.
questVirtualPetDropVirtualPetPotion Virtual Pet Hatching Potion
questVirtualPetUnlockText Unlocks Virtual Pet Hatching Potion for purchase in the Market