Key English Cebuano
questEvilSantaText Trapper Santa
questEvilSantaNotes You hear agonized roars deep in the icefields. You follow the growls - punctuated by the sound of cackling - to a clearing in the woods, where you see a fully-grown polar bear. She's caged and shackled, fighting for her life. Dancing atop the cage is a malicious little imp wearing a castaway costume. Vanquish Trapper Santa, and save the beast!<br><br><strong>Note</strong>: “Trapper Santa” awards a stackable quest achievement but gives a rare mount that can only be added to your stable once.
questEvilSantaCompletion Trapper Santa squeals in anger, and bounces off into the night. The grateful she-bear, through roars and growls, tries to tell you something. You take her back to the stables, where Matt Boch the Beast Master listens to her tale with a gasp of horror. She has a cub! He ran off into the icefields when mama bear was captured.
questEvilSantaBoss Trapper Santa
questEvilSantaDropBearCubPolarMount Polar Bear (Mount)
questEvilSanta2Text Find the Cub
questEvilSanta2Notes When Trapper Santa captured the polar bear mount, her cub ran off into the icefields. You hear twig-snaps and snow crunch through the crystalline sound of the forest. Paw prints! You start racing to follow the trail. Find all the prints and broken twigs, and retrieve the cub!<br><br><strong>Note</strong>: “Find the Cub” awards a stackable quest achievement but gives a rare pet that can only be added to your stable once.
questEvilSanta2Completion You've found the cub! It will keep you company forever.
questEvilSanta2CollectTracks Tracks
questEvilSanta2CollectBranches Broken Twigs
questEvilSanta2DropBearCubPolarPet Polar Bear (Pet)
evilSantaAddlNotes Note that Trapper Santa and Find the Cub have stackable quest achievements but give a rare pet and mount that can only be added to your stable once.
questGryphonText The Fiery Gryphon
questGryphonNotes The grand beast master, <strong>baconsaur</strong>, has come to your party seeking help. "Please, adventurers, you must help me! My prized gryphon has broken free and is terrorizing Habit City! If you can stop her, I could reward you with some of her eggs!"
questGryphonCompletion Defeated, the mighty beast ashamedly slinks back to its master. "My word! Well done, adventurers!" <strong>baconsaur</strong> exclaims, "Please, have some of the gryphon's eggs. I am sure you will raise these young ones well!"
questGryphonBoss Fiery Gryphon
questGryphonDropGryphonEgg Gryphon (Egg)
questGryphonUnlockText Unlocks Gryphon Eggs for purchase in the Market
questHedgehogText The Hedgebeast
questHedgehogNotes Hedgehogs are a funny group of animals. They are some of the most affectionate pets a Habiteer could own. But rumor has it, if you feed them milk after midnight, they grow quite irritable. And fifty times their size. And <strong>InspectorCaracal</strong> did just that. Oops.