Key English Basque
startQuest Start Quest
questInvitationDoesNotExist No quest invitation has been sent out yet.
questInviteNotFound No quest invitation found.
guildQuestsNotSupported Guilds cannot be invited on quests.
questNotOwned You don't own that quest scroll.
questNotGoldPurchasable Quest "<%= key %>" is not a Gold-purchasable quest.
questNotGemPurchasable Quest "<%= key %>" is not a Gem-purchasable quest.
questAlreadyUnderway Your party is already on a quest. Try again when the current quest has ended.
questAlreadyAccepted You already accepted the quest invitation.
questLeaderCannotLeaveQuest Quest leader cannot leave quest
notPartOfQuest You are not part of the quest
youAreNotOnQuest You're not on a quest
noActiveQuestToAbort There is no active quest to abort.
onlyLeaderAbortQuest Only the group or quest leader can abort a quest.
questAlreadyRejected You already rejected the quest invitation.
cantCancelActiveQuest You can not cancel an active quest, use the abort functionality.
onlyLeaderCancelQuest Only the group or quest leader can cancel the quest.
questNotPending There is no quest to start.
questOrGroupLeaderOnlyStartQuest Only the quest leader or group leader can force start the quest
loginIncentiveQuest To unlock this quest, check in to Habitica on <%= count %> different days!