Key English Basque
notPartOfQuest You are not part of the quest
cantCancelActiveQuest You can not cancel an active quest, use the abort functionality.
bossDamage You damaged the boss!
chatBossDefeated You defeated <%= bossName %>! Questing party members receive the rewards of victory.
questNotOwned You don't own that quest scroll.
mustLvlQuest You must be level <%= level %> to buy this quest!
mustComplete You must first complete <%= quest %>.
youAreNotOnQuest You're not on a quest
questAlreadyUnderway Your party is already on a quest. Try again when the current quest has ended.
yourPartyIsNotOnQuest Your Party is not on a Quest
chatQuestStarted Your quest, <%= questName %>, has started.
yourQuests Your Quests
questInvitationNotificationInfo You were invited to join a quest
invitedToQuest You were invited to the Quest <span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= quest %></span>