Key English Basque
collect Collect
collected Collected
completed Completed!
loginReward <%= count %> Check-ins
bossHealth <%= currentHealth %> / <%= maxHealth %> Health
bossRage <%= currentRage %> / <%= maxRage %> Rage
pendingDamage <%= damage %> pending damage
declined Declined
questBundles Discounted Quest Bundles
guildQuestsNotSupported Guilds cannot be invited on quests.
invitations Invitations
inviteParty Invite Party to Quest
leaveQuest Leave Quest
hatchingPotionQuests Magic Hatching Potion Quests
goldQuests Masterclasser Quest Lines
newItem New Item
questInviteNotFound No quest invitation found.
questInvitationDoesNotExist No quest invitation has been sent out yet.
onlyLeaderAbortQuest Only the group or quest leader can abort a quest.
onlyLeaderCancelQuest Only the group or quest leader can cancel the quest.