Key English Basque
onlyLeaderAbortQuest Only the group or quest leader can abort a quest.
questAlreadyRejected You already rejected the quest invitation.
cantCancelActiveQuest You can not cancel an active quest, use the abort functionality.
onlyLeaderCancelQuest Only the group or quest leader can cancel the quest.
questNotPending There is no quest to start.
membersParticipating <%= accepted %> / <%= invited %> Members participating
questOrGroupLeaderOnlyStartQuest Only the quest leader or group leader can force start the quest
loginIncentiveQuest To unlock this quest, check in to Habitica on <%= count %> different days!
loginReward <%= count %> Check-ins
questBundles Discounted Quest Bundles
noQuestToStartTitle Can’t find a Quest to start?
noQuestToStart Try checking out the <a href="<%= questShop %>">Quest Shop</a> for new releases!
pendingDamage <%= damage %> pending damage
pendingDamageLabel pending damage
bossHealth <%= currentHealth %> / <%= maxHealth %> Health
rageAttack Rage Attack:
bossRage <%= currentRage %> / <%= maxRage %> Rage
rageStrikes Rage Strikes
chatQuestStarted Your quest, <%= questName %>, has started.
chatBossDamage <%= username %> attacks <%= bossName %> for <%= userDamage %> damage. <%= bossName %> attacks party for <%= bossDamage %> damage.