Key English Basque
declined Declined
rejected Rejected
pending Pending
questCollection + <%= val %> quest item(s) found
questItemsPending <%= amount %> Items pending
bossDamage You damaged the boss!
begin Begin
bossHP Boss HP
bossStrength Boss Strength
rage Rage
collect Collect
collected Collected
abort Abort
leaveQuest Leave Quest
sureLeave Are you sure you want to leave the Quest? All your progress will be lost.
sureLeaveInactive Are you sure you want to leave the Quest? You won't be able to participate.
mustComplete You must first complete <%= quest %>.
mustLvlQuest You must be level <%= level %> to buy this quest!
unlockByQuesting To unlock this quest, complete <%= title %>.
questConfirm Are you sure you want to start this Quest? Not all Party members have accepted the Quest invite. Quests start automatically after all members respond to the invite.