Key English Cebuano
quests Quests
quest quest
petQuests Pet and Mount Quests
unlockableQuests Unlockable Quests
goldQuests Masterclasser Quest Lines
hatchingPotionQuests Magic Hatching Potion Quests
questDetails Quest Details
questDetailsTitle Quest Details
questDescription Quests allow players to focus on long-term, in-game goals with the members of their party.
invitations Invitations
completed Completed!
rewardsAllParticipants Rewards for all Quest Participants
rewardsQuestOwner Additional Rewards for Quest Owner
inviteParty Invite Party to Quest
questInvitation Quest Invitation:
questInvitationNotificationInfo You were invited to join a quest
invitedToQuest You were invited to the Quest <span class="notification-bold-blue"><%= quest %></span>
askLater Ask Later
buyQuest Buy Quest
accepted Accepted