Key English Catalan
hatchingPotionQuests Magic Hatching Potion Quests
questInvitationNotificationInfo You were invited to join a quest
chatQuestStarted Your quest, <%= questName %>, has started.
chatBossDamage <%= username %> attacks <%= bossName %> for <%= userDamage %> damage. <%= bossName %> attacks party for <%= bossDamage %> damage.
chatBossDontAttack <%= username %> attacks <%= bossName %> for <%= userDamage %> damage. <%= bossName %> does not attack, because it respects the fact that there are some bugs post-maintenance, and it doesn't want to hurt anyone unfairly. It will continue its rampage soon!
chatBossDefeated You defeated <%= bossName %>! Questing party members receive the rewards of victory.
chatFindItems <%= username %> found <%= items %>.
chatItemQuestFinish All items found! Party has received their rewards.
chatQuestAborted <%= username %> aborted the party quest <%= questName %>.
chatQuestCancelled <%= username %> cancelled the party quest <%= questName %>.
tavernBossTired <%= bossName %> tries to unleash <%= rageName %> but is too tired.
questAlreadyStarted The quest has already started.
questAlreadyStartedFriendly The quest has already started, but you can always catch the next one!
bossDamage You damaged the boss!
questItemsPending <%= amount %> Items pending
sureLeaveInactive Are you sure you want to leave the Quest? You won't be able to participate.
selectQuest Select Quest
yourPartyIsNotOnQuest Your Party is not on a Quest
membersParticipating <%= accepted %> / <%= invited %> Members participating
noQuestToStartTitle Can’t find a Quest to start?