Key English Urdu (Pakistan)
etherealLion Ethereal Lion
feedPet Feed <%= text %> to your <%= name %>?
dropsExplanation Get these items faster with Gems if you don't want to wait for them to drop when completing a task. <a href="">Learn more about the drop system.</a>
gryphatrice Gryphatrice
triadBingoText Has found all 90 pets, all 90 mounts, and found all 90 pets AGAIN (HOW DID YOU DO THAT!)
beastMasterText Has found all 90 pets (incredibly difficult, congratulate this user!)
mountMasterText Has tamed all 90 mounts (even more difficult, congratulate this user!)
hatch Hatch!
sortByHatchable Hatchable
hatchingPotion hatching potion
hatchingPotions Hatching Potions
hopefulHippogriffPet Hopeful Hippogriff
hopefulHippogriffMount Hopeful Hippogriff
hydra Hydra
invalidAmount Invalid amount of food, must be a positive integer
invisibleAether Invisible Aether
keyToMounts Key to the Mount Kennels
keyToPets Key to the Pet Kennels
magicalBee Magical Bee
magicHatchingPotions Magic Hatching Potions