Key English Urdu (Pakistan)
keyToBoth Master Keys to the Kennels
keyToBothDesc Release all standard Pets and Mounts so you can collect them again. (Quest Pets/Mounts and rare Pets/Mounts are not affected.)
keyToMounts Key to the Mount Kennels
keyToMountsDesc Release all standard Mounts so you can collect them again. (Quest Mounts and rare Mounts are not affected.)
keyToPets Key to the Pet Kennels
keyToPetsDesc Release all standard Pets so you can collect them again. (Quest Pets and rare Pets are not affected.)
magicalBee Magical Bee
magicHatchingPotions Magic Hatching Potions
magicMounts Magic Potion Mounts
magicPets Magic Potion Pets
mammoth Woolly Mammoth
mantisShrimp Mantis Shrimp
mountAchievement You have earned the "Mount Master" achievement for taming all the mounts!
mountMasterName Mount Master
mountMasterProgress Mount Master Progress
mountMasterText Has tamed all 90 mounts (even more difficult, congratulate this user!)
mountMasterText2 and has released all 90 of their mounts a total of <%= count %> time(s)
mountName <%= potion(locale) %> <%= mount(locale) %>
mountNotOwned You do not own this mount.
mounts Mounts