Key English Urdu (Pakistan)
filterByMagicPotion Magic Potion
filterByQuest Quest
filterByStandard Standard
filterByWacky Wacky
food Pet Food and Saddles
foodTitle Pet Food
gryphatrice Gryphatrice
hatch Hatch!
hatchDialogText Pour your <%= potionName %> hatching potion on your <%= eggName %> egg, and it will hatch into a <%= petName %>.
hatchedPet You hatched a new <%= potion %> <%= egg %>!
hatchedPetGeneric You hatched a new pet!
hatchedPetHowToUse Visit the [Stable](<%= stableUrl %>) to feed and equip your newest pet!
hatchingPotion hatching potion
hatchingPotions Hatching Potions
haveHatchablePet You have a <%= potion %> hatching potion and <%= egg %> egg to hatch this pet! <b>Click</b> to hatch!
hopefulHippogriffMount Hopeful Hippogriff
hopefulHippogriffPet Hopeful Hippogriff
hydra Hydra
invalidAmount Invalid amount of food, must be a positive integer
invisibleAether Invisible Aether