Key English Urdu (Pakistan)
welcomeStableText Welcome to the Stable! I’m Matt, the beastmaster. Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an Egg or a Hatching Potion to hatch Pets. When you hatch a Pet, it will appear here! Click a Pet's image to add it to your Avatar. Feed them with the Pet Food you find and they'll grow into hardy Mounts.
welcomeStable Welcome to the Stable!
wackyPets Wacky Pets
veteranWolf Veteran Wolf
veteranTiger Veteran Tiger
veteranLion Veteran Lion
veteranFox Veteran Fox
veteranBear Veteran Bear
triadBingoText2 and has released a full stable a total of <%= count %> time(s)
triadBingoText Has found all 90 pets, all 90 mounts, and found all 90 pets AGAIN (HOW DID YOU DO THAT!)
triadBingoName Triad Bingo
triadBingoAchievement You have earned the "Triad Bingo" achievement for finding all the pets, taming all the mounts, and finding all the pets again!
tooMuchFood You're trying to feed too much food to your pet, action cancelled
standard Standard
stable Stable
sortByHatchable Hatchable
sortByColor Color
royalPurpleJackalope Royal Purple Jackalope
royalPurpleGryphon Royal Purple Gryphon
releasePetsSuccess Your standard Pets have been released!