Key English English (en@lolcat)
needTips Need some tips on how to begin? Here's a straightforward guide! Ned sum tipz 4 how 2 begin? Herez straitforwrd guied!
step1 Step 1: Enter Tasks Step 1: Entr Taskz
step2 Step 2: Gain Points by Doing Things in Real Life STEP 2: GET POINS BY DO THINGS IN LYFE
step3 Step 3: Customize and Explore Habitica STEP 3: COOZTUMIZ AND XPLORE HABITICA
overviewQuestions Have questions? Check out the [FAQ](<%= faqUrl %>)! If your question isn't mentioned there, you can ask for further help in the [Habitica Help guild](<%= helpGuildUrl %>).

Good luck with your tasks!
U haz questions? Chek teh [FAQ](<%= faqUrl %>)! If ur kwestion isnt mention ther, u can haz moar help n teh [Habitica Help guild](<%= helpGuildUrl %>).

Gud luk wif ur taskz!