Key English Basque
invalidUnlockSet This set of items is invalid and cannot be unlocked.
nGems <%= nGems %> Gems
nGemsGift <%= nGems %> Gems (Gift)
nMonthsSubscriptionGift <%= nMonths %> Month(s) Subscription (Gift)
limitedAvailabilityDays Available for <%= days %>d <%= hours %>h <%= minutes %>m
limitedAvailabilityHours Available for <%= hours %>h <%= minutes %>m
limitedAvailabilityMinutes Available for <%= minutes %>m <%= seconds %>s
amountExp <%= amount %> Exp
helpSupportHabitica Help Support Habitica
groupsPaymentSubBilling Your next billing date is <strong><%= renewalDate %></strong>.
groupsPaymentAutoRenew This subscription will auto-renew until it is canceled. If you need to cancel, you can do so from the Group Billing tab.