Key English Basque
nMonthsSubscriptionGift <%= nMonths %> Month(s) Subscription (Gift)
npc NPC
sortByNumber Number
tourOkay Okay!
tourMountsPage Once you've fed a pet enough food to turn it into a mount, it will appear here. Click a mount to saddle up!
pathRequired Path string is required
pauseDailies Pause Damage
positiveAmountRequired Positive amount is required
prev Prev
welcome3 Progress in life and the game!
purchaseGems Purchase Gems
paymentMethods Purchase using
quantity Quantity
invalidQuantity Quantity to purchase must be a positive whole number.
randomize Randomize
sell Sell
welcome2 Set up your tasks.
shops Shops
spells Skills
justinIntroMessageAppearance So how would you like to look? Don’t worry, you can change this later.