Key English Basque
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howManyToSell How many would you like to sell?
welcome2notes How well you do on your real-life tasks will control how well you do in the game!
acceptCommunityGuidelines I agree to follow the Community Guidelines
items Items
unlocked Items have been unlocked
justin Justin
contentKeyNotFound Key not found for Content <%= type %>
userItemsKeyNotFound Key not found for user.items <%= type %>
npcAchievementName <%= key %> NPC
mattBoch Matt Boch
sleepBullet1 Missed Dailies won't damage you
mustPurchaseToSet Must purchase <%= val %> to set it on <%= key %>.
sortByName Name
sleepDescription Need a break? Check into Daniel's Inn to pause some of Habitica's more difficult game mechanics:
newBaileyUpdate New Bailey Update!
newStuff New Stuff by Bailey
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nGems <%= nGems %> Gems
nGemsGift <%= nGems %> Gems (Gift)