Key English Basque
donateText3 Habitica is an open source project that depends on our users for support. The money you spend on gems helps us keep the servers running, maintain a small staff, develop new features, and provide incentives for our volunteer programmers. Thank you for your generosity!
equipmentAlreadyOwned You already own that piece of equipment
featuredItems Featured Items!
featuredQuests Featured Quests!
groupBy2 Group By
hideLocked Hide locked
hideMissing Hide Missing
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howManyToSell How many would you like to sell?
ianTextMobile Can I interest you in some quest scrolls? Activate them to battle monsters with your Party!
introTour Here we are! I've filled out some Tasks for you based on your interests, so you can get started right away. Click a Task to edit or add new Tasks to fit your routine!
invalidQuantity Quantity to purchase must be a positive whole number.
invalidUnlockSet This set of items is invalid and cannot be unlocked.
items Items
justin Justin
justinIntroMessage1 Hello there! You must be new here. My name is <strong>Justin</strong>, and I'll be your guide in Habitica.
justinIntroMessage3 Great! Now, what are you interested in working on throughout this journey?
justinIntroMessageAppearance So how would you like to look? Don’t worry, you can change this later.
justinIntroMessageUsername Before we begin, let’s figure out what to call you. Below you’ll find a display name and username I’ve generated for you. After you’ve picked a display name and username, we’ll get started by creating an avatar!
limitedAvailabilityDays Available for <%= days %>d <%= hours %>h <%= minutes %>m