Key English Basque
yourBalance Your balance:
wrongItemType The item type "<%= type %>" is not valid.
wrongItemPath The item path "<%= path %>" is not valid.
worldBossEvent World Boss Event
worldBossDescription World Boss Description
wishlist Wishlist
welcomeToTavern Welcome to The Tavern!
welcomeToHabit Welcome to Habitica!
welcomeTo Welcome to
welcomeMarketMobile Welcome to the Market! Buy hard-to-find eggs and potions! Come see what we have to offer.
welcomeBack Welcome back!
welcome3notes As you improve your life, your avatar will level up and unlock pets, quests, equipment, and more!
welcome3 Progress in life and the game!
welcome2notes How well you do on your real-life tasks will control how well you do in the game!
welcome2 Set up your tasks.
welcome1notes This avatar will represent you as you progress.
welcome1 Create a basic avatar.
userItemsNotEnough You do not have enough <%= type %>
userItemsKeyNotFound Key not found for user.items <%= type %>