Key English Basque
amountExp <%= amount %> Exp
amountExperience <%= amount %> Experience
amountGold <%= amount %> Gold
welcome3notes As you improve your life, your avatar will level up and unlock pets, quests, equipment, and more!
autoAllocate Auto Allocate
limitedAvailabilityDays Available for <%= days %>d <%= hours %>h <%= minutes %>m
limitedAvailabilityHours Available for <%= hours %>h <%= minutes %>m
limitedAvailabilityMinutes Available for <%= minutes %>m <%= seconds %>s
limitedOffer Available until <%= date %>
npcAchievementText Backed the Kickstarter project at the maximum level!
justinIntroMessageUsername Before we begin, let’s figure out what to call you. Below you’ll find a display name and username I’ve generated for you. After you’ve picked a display name and username, we’ll get started by creating an avatar!
sleepBullet3 Bosses won't do damage for your own missed Dailies
buyGems Buy Gems
buyNow Buy Now
ianTextMobile Can I interest you in some quest scrolls? Activate them to battle monsters with your Party!
tourChallengesPage Challenges are themed task lists created by users! Joining a Challenge will add its tasks to your account. Compete against other users to win Gem prizes!
classGear Class Gear
skillsTitle <%= classStr %> Skills
classGearText Congratulations on choosing a class! I've added your new basic weapon to your inventory. Take a look below to equip it!