Key English Basque
unpinnedItem You unpinned <%= item %>! It will no longer display in your Rewards column.
paymentYouSentSubscription You sent <strong><%- name %></strong> a <%= months %>-months Habitica subscription.
paymentYouSentGems You sent <strong><%- name %></strong>:
paymentSubBillingWithMethod Your subscription will be billed <strong>$<%= amount %></strong> every <strong><%= months %> months</strong> via <strong><%= paymentMethod %></strong>.
paymentSubBilling Your subscription will be billed <strong>$<%= amount %></strong> every <strong><%= months %> months</strong>.
paymentSuccessful Your payment was successful!
tourPartyPage Your Party will help you stay accountable. Invite friends to unlock a Quest Scroll!
paymentYouReceived You received:
sleepBullet4 Your boss damage or collection Quest items will stay pending until check-out
yourBalance Your balance:
userItemsNotEnough You do not have enough <%= type %>
cannotBuyItem You can't buy this item.
purchasedItem You bought <%= itemName %>
equipmentAlreadyOwned You already own that piece of equipment
worldBossEvent World Boss Event
worldBossDescription World Boss Description
wishlist Wishlist
paymentCanceledDisputes We’ve sent a cancelation confirmation to your email. If you don’t see the email, please contact us to prevent future billing disputes.
tourTavernPage Welcome to the Tavern, an all-ages chat room! You can keep your Dailies from hurting you in case of illness or travel by clicking "Pause Damage". Come say hi!
welcomeToTavern Welcome to The Tavern!