Key English Basque
classGearText Congratulations on choosing a class! I've added your new basic weapon to your inventory. Take a look below to equip it!
autoAllocate Auto Allocate
spells Skills
skillsTitle <%= classStr %> Skills
toDo To Do
tourStatsPage This is your Stats page! Earn achievements by completing the listed tasks.
tourTavernPage Welcome to the Tavern, an all-ages chat room! You can keep your Dailies from hurting you in case of illness or travel by clicking "Pause Damage". Come say hi!
tourPartyPage Your Party will help you stay accountable. Invite friends to unlock a Quest Scroll!
tourGuildsPage Guilds are common-interest chat groups created by the players, for the players. Browse through the list and join the Guilds that interest you. Be sure to check out the popular Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild, where anyone can ask questions about Habitica!
tourChallengesPage Challenges are themed task lists created by users! Joining a Challenge will add its tasks to your account. Compete against other users to win Gem prizes!
tourMarketPage Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an Egg, a Hatching Potion, or a piece of Pet Food. You can also buy these items here.
tourHallPage Welcome to the Hall of Heroes, where open-source contributors to Habitica are honored. Whether through code, art, music, writing, or even just helpfulness, they have earned Gems, exclusive equipment, and prestigious titles. You can contribute to Habitica, too!
tourPetsPage Welcome to the Stable! Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an Egg or a Hatching Potion to hatch Pets. When you hatch a Pet, it will appear here! Click a Pet's image to add it to your Avatar. Feed them with the Pet Food you find and they'll grow into hardy Mounts.
tourMountsPage Once you've fed a pet enough food to turn it into a mount, it will appear here. Click a mount to saddle up!
tourEquipmentPage This is where your Equipment is stored! Your Battle Gear affects your Stats. If you want to show different Equipment on your avatar without changing your Stats, click "Enable Costume."
equipmentAlreadyOwned You already own that piece of equipment
tourOkay Okay!
tourSplendid Splendid!
welcomeToHabit Welcome to Habitica!
welcome1 Create a basic avatar.