Key English Basque
wrongItemPath The item path "<%= path %>" is not valid.
unpinnedItem You unpinned <%= item %>! It will no longer display in your Rewards column.
cannotUnpinItem This item cannot be unpinned.
purchasedItem You bought <%= itemName %>
ianTextMobile Can I interest you in some quest scrolls? Activate them to battle monsters with your Party!
featuredQuests Featured Quests!
cannotBuyItem You can't buy this item.
mustPurchaseToSet Must purchase <%= val %> to set it on <%= key %>.
typeRequired Type is required
positiveAmountRequired Positive amount is required
notAccteptedType Type must be in [eggs, hatchingPotions, premiumHatchingPotions, food, quests, gear]
contentKeyNotFound Key not found for Content <%= type %>
plusGem +<%= count %> Gem
typeNotSellable Type is not sellable. Must be one of the following <%= acceptedTypes %>
userItemsKeyNotFound Key not found for user.items <%= type %>
userItemsNotEnough You do not have enough <%= type %>
pathRequired Path string is required
unlocked Items have been unlocked
alreadyUnlocked Full set already unlocked.
alreadyUnlockedPart Full set already partially unlocked. It is cheaper to buy the remaining items individually.